Africa is one of the continents in our planet Earth. This is the continent that has many times been misunderstood. Some people from other parts of the world think that African and its inhabitants can not be able to do many great things that other human beings from other continents do. For those who did not know they should keep this well in their mind.

1. The home of mankind

In the 1900’s Dr Leakey and other scientists made a discovery in East Africa, particularly Tanzania which revealed that humans originated from Africa. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind that the common home of human beings is Africa, and so the continent should be respected.

2. The home of grate features
It is in Africa that one finds the great plains of Serengeti, The Serengeti Plains fill the southern half of the Serengeti and are one of the reasons why the yearly Migration of Wildebeest takes place. After spending the dry season in the wetter northern woodland of Serengeti, the Wildebeest follow the seasonal rains south and move out onto the Serengeti Plains.

3. Africa is home of men of colours

It is in Africa that you meet with strong and courageous men; the maasai, these are men who can fight and defeat a lion in a battle. Do not underestimate Africans

4. Home of great men and women
Africa is the home of great men and women who have contributed to world development and have set up standards of clear thinking, forgiveness and many more. It is in the continent that you find Julius Nyerere, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara and on and on