The rural area in many places in the world is a home of many people. The rural setting is preferred by many because life in the rural is cheap and most services are in their natural manner; in the rural people breath fresh air, they eat natural foods and many other natural services.

However, there is need for improving the many basic services that people need to have a happy and fulfilled life. The needs include education, health facility, water, reliable source of energy, communication, transport and on and on.

Many rural areas need improvement of water as there are still challenges in many rural areas since they do not have reliable source of water. Water is important as all necessary activities in life depend on water for their execution and thus we really need to make sure that people have proper access to water.

Energy is necessary for everyday human activities as it is needed for carrying out all daily activities. Cooking is necessary as human beings do need to eat every day; the source of energy for that activity is poor in many rural areas. Many rural people use firewood and charcoal as a source of energy; this source of energy is detrimental to human life and to the environment too. Therefore, there is need of improving this source of energy so as to improve the rural life in the world.