What should we say about this reality? In this very world of ours where we find in ourselves, there are some countries in two extremes. There are some countries that are extraordinary rich where as there others that are miserably poor.

The question that comes in the mind is why is that some countries are richer than others. In the course of time, there have been a number of responses or at least attempts to respond to this question. Economists have argued that countries that are wealth followed the right economic principles which enabled them to create wealth, saved the surplus, and re-invested to create employment to individuals who worked hard. In the course of time the wealth nations encountered difficulties which enabled them to innovate specialised tools and machines which enabled them create even more wealth than before, and the vicious circle of wealth continues…

However, some historians have argued that wealth nations plundered wealth from today’s underdeveloped countries. The question is why didn’t the poor nation plunder wealth from today’s developed countries? The view of plundering of wealth was shared by Walter Rodney, Jean Jacques Rousseau and many other thinkers.

Rousseau in his work of “The discourse on the origin of inequality” argues that when all human beings lived in the state of nature, there were no problems up until when man (discovered) innovated a more advanced way of satisfying his need through   agriculture and metallic tools. This innovation called for specialization of tasks; it was in the speicialization of tasks that there emerged competition, conflicts, selfishness and some individuals accumulated more than others and thus leading to inequality in the society as we know it today.

From the categories of our mind we can not conceive of a society without classes and so it is not possible to have a world of all equals; in my opinion at least not in time and space as I know it. my appeal therefore is let us share the natural resources that we have in this world so that no body dies of hunger as the world has enough for all our needs but not enough for our greedy wants as once said Mahatma Gandhi.