In many African countries, a rural life is more natural than the urban lifestyle. The people in the rural settings tend to be more natural than their urban counterparts, and for those with enough food tend to lead a healthier life, for they eat natural food staff.

In the rural areas, they tend to preserve their cultures pretty well as they are not much exposed to globalization, even though,  currently things are changing at a higher pace.

The rural life is natural as the air that people breath is clean since it is not polluted by factories, vehicles or other pollutant agents.

The people lead a cooperative life as they help each other in almost all daily activities. It is possible because most people know each other well and thus could run to each other’s assistance. Does the support that people in the rural render to each other suggest the sharing of poverty? This would be a discussion for another day.

Despite the many good things about the rural, there are many great requirements that are needed in the rural areas for human development. Some of the major needs in rural Africa include but not limited to the following:

1. Roads
2. Health facilities
3. Education facilities
4. Water
5. Source of income
6. Markets for their crops
7. Electricity
8. Sanitation
9. Housing