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This article is re written from an earlier article from the website, it is given a different title to suit the targeted individuals. Please read on and give your comments….

In the development vocabularies Poverty has almost become synonymous to Africa. Most conventional poverty indicators, be it access to education, life expectancy, income per capital, access to clean and safe water, access to a number of services…indicate that the continent is poor. This is accepted by western scholars and by southern scholars as well. Southern Scholars have obtained this knowledge from the west, and I guess they are not ready to challenge it by coming up with a new way of examining the African phenomenon because not all phenomenon represent the noumenon; that is a thing as it is in itself.

This situation calls for African academics to re-examine their expertise and knowledge so as to search for what impedes the continent from realising its full potential. Unless African scholars learn to challenge their knowledge that they have acquired from the west, the continent, which in reality is not as poor as it is claimed to be, will continue to be underdeveloped. This could be a difficult practice as the funds for such studies would need benefactors from the west as our scholars depend on the west for carrying out even studies that they themselves could fund.

Africa hosts a number of scarce resources needed in the world for a number of activities, despite this fact the continent continues to be termed poor, and indeed underdeveloped. The continent is home to lots of raw mineral, natural resources, and much more….what then could be the problem of the continent? Is the problem on leadership, fear and lack of self confidence inherited through decades of torture? Are the African leaders weak in leading our countries?

Are some leaders puppets leading to neo-colonialism? As one can not conceive of a rich country in terms of natural resources but having a poor population. You can give some examples of such countries from the continent.

Some leaders are so greedy; they are busy accumulating, actually stealing wealth from the country’s resources just for themselves as if they intend to buy a country somewhere in Mars.

What is the really issue blocking the continent from prospering? Let us discuss…Your ideas are highly welcome…