One of the themes in THE HIDDEN WEALTH OF TANZANIA is about the making of a nation; how was it possible to forge one country out of many nations. The country has over 100 tribes that live peacefully side by side. Despite the many tribes with their differences such as languages, customs, leadership systems etc. the country continues to be one and her people are well united through marriages, same national language and on and on. This is to say, the Tanzanians, who like everybody, have tribes and are indeed conscious of their tribes but they are very much unconscious of tribalism and no clear evidence of a tribe thinking to be more superior than others. People are aware of their tribes as there are joking relationships amongst tribes.

There are several questions that need to be answered such as what makes the people conscious of their tribes and yet do not fall into the sin of discrimination against others just because of their differences caused by varied tribes. What cements the unity amongst people of this resource rich East African Country? Read THE HIDDEN WEALTH OF TANZANIA at Amazon: