It has been said time and again that education is necessary and important in life. However, the most important thing about education is that most people do not work on it. The application of what one studies is what should make the importance of education in our life. In many developing countries, many students (don’t have the figures though) study something different from what they go on practising in life.

Some of the reasons for that being; offered scholarship only according to academic performance, failing┬áto recognise/discover one’s talents, lack of employment in the majored disciplines, and on and on. Despite challenges facing the education and employment sectors in the developing countries, education continues to be necessary for economic development of people. However, to realise that need, students and other education stakeholders, should bear in mind that education is not about certificates but on what students’ heads contain, Universities are not about buildings and facilities (though necessary and important) but rather on what goes and stays in students heads (the ability to cultivate an inquisitive and innovate spirit).

Anthony de Mello on the same had this to say:

Suspicious as the Master was of knowledge and learning in matters divine, he never missed a chance to encourage the arts and sciences and every other form of learning.

So it was no surprise that he readily accepted an invitation to address the University Convocation.


He arrived an hour ahead of time to wonder about the Campus and marvel at the facilities for learning that were quite non-existent in his own day.

Typically, his Convocation speech lasted less than a minute. He said:

“Laboratories and libraries,

halls and porch and arch

and learned lecturers-

all shall be of no avail

if the wise heart

and the seeing eye

are absent.”