People in the rural areas have much natural food staff that if well consumed they would be of great use to their bodies and their daily lives. The problem, however, is many people continue to have large family sizes; they fail to control the sizes of their families. Some rural people still hold on large family sizes because they want to use the family members as the source of labour force in the economic production process. The major economic activity in most rural Africa, as already said in the previous articles, is agriculture. People hold on to agriculture as the major source of income and the real means to earn their livelihood. Agriculture; if it is to be much productive and kind of a decent job to our farmers, then much input is needed. Some activities that could improve agriculture in the rural areas include but not limited to: investing in irrigation, training peasants, and equip the agriculture extension officers.

•Improve agriculture

Agriculture as the source of income should really be improved; it can continue to be the backbone of our economy. In a country that intends to become an industrial economy then there should be a link between the two sectors. Agriculture should be able to feed the industrial sector through its produce.

•Invest in irrigation
A large scale of agricultural output is needed for contribution to the industrial economy; that being the case, there is a need for a reliable source of water for irrigation. When there is water throughout the year then it is possible to cultivate at any period of the year and be able to send commodities to the factories for processing and manufacturing.

•Train peasants

Most cultivators in the country do cultivate locally and in traditional ways as they have learned from their parents who themselves were not trained before. Therefore, if we are to improve production and the living standards of rural livelihoods and contribute significantly to economic development in the country then the peasants need technical training in agriculture.

•Equip the agriculture extension officers

While production is low in the country, there are extension officers almost everywhere. Despite the presence of these officers, peasants continue with little production because the officers are either never in their working stations to advice them or are not well equipped to do so.