in we know and understand that agriculture offers the highest number of employment to people in the continent of Africa. However, it is sad that the type of agriculture in most countries with the exception of only a few countries such as South Africa is only subsistence done for survival.

Moreover, believes as well that agriculture even if it is done at a highly mechanized level, if it is done for selling to other nations, it will not be able to help develop the developing economies. Underdeveloped economies need to establish a link between agriculture and the manufacturing sector. The food and cash crops produced in the countries should be processed and even packed for both consumption and export.

African countries should stop exporting their cash crops to developed countries. They lose a lotĀ of products that could be obtained in the course of processing the raw material. What AfricanĀ states are doing today is no better than it was done during colonialism. During colonialism, raw cash crops and other materials were transported to Europe and other developed destinations for processing before coming back home as processed goods of high values.