Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange vows in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle during their wedding service, conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby in Windsor, Britain, May 19, 2018. Owen Humphreys/Pool via REUTERS

Marriage, by nature, is a union that has the task of keeping the human species alive. Through this union, it is expected, by God grace, that the two individuals will be able to bear offsprings. The offsprings normally of the same species will also have the same task as their parents.

While we human beings have so much advanced to the extent of having all sorts of rights, we come to a point whereby we deliberately decide to skip our first call of preserving our human species through marriage.

In these few lines, we congratulate Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle for deciding freely to respond to our common goal as human beings. We wish them a happy marriage and lots of God’s blessings.